Friday, March 5, 2010



Today is another day, today is a positive day, and today is a day to THANK all my hero's, advocates, writers, supporters, victims, and survivors.

I am honored to know each and everyone of you! You are the positive voice many need to hear, you are the helping hand, many reach out too! You are a brilliant light at the end of the darkness.

As we and I emphasize US because, I am not alone. I know as far as Australia, Canada, Spain, Puerto Rico, and all over United States we have so many WONDERFUL HERO'S extending there loving hands. God has given each and everyone of you a SHIELD OF ARMOUR.

Keep your head high, continue with a positive confidence, I see each and everyday.

So, today is a day for all HERO'S ALL OVER THE WORLD. Thank you, for all your love and support. May you continue to be the BEACON of light, God has given you.

With love and respect,

Rosa Torres-Sadler